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Local bites: Sai Kung

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly-baked bread and coffee to whip your appetite

into a frenzy. Sai Kung is renowned for its scenic coastal landscapes, unspoiled and naturally

immaculate beaches, and an array of seafood restaurants. It also provides a wealth of

incredible locations where you can sip the finest brew and taste the most delicious pastries.

Look no further for your weekend plans, we’ve sussed out the crowd favorites in Sai Kung to

indulge your sweet tooth and satisfy those carb cravings.


Little Cove Espresso

With its modern and minimalist interior, Little Cove Espresso is the jewel in Sai Kung's delectable

crown. Opting for a clean and modern shop-front, flaunting high ceiling, a relaxed Australian

vibe, the café continues to become an Instagram favorite and lure countless patrons

through its door every day of the week. This café uses mostly vegan and organic ingredients

to produce its delectable and nutritious dishes such as health-conscious smoothies, raw

cakes and treats. Do not miss out on their French toasts and lunch bowls that taste even

better than they look in photos.

Ali Oli Bakery

Perched in the heart of Sai Kung city center, Ali Oli has earned a stellar rep for

turning out the most irresistible homemade baked goods in town. Its location

gives it a semi alfresco feel. Half bakery, half café, Ali Oli offers an extensive

menu of baked breads, pastries, homemade jams and preserves using only

high quality, fresh ingredients. They do amazing Focaccia bread.

Sai Kung café and bakery

With its proximity to the minibus terminal, SK café and bakery is an uber-

popular bakery option. Simple yet sensational, many would drive all the way to

Sai Kung just for their baked goods. There is always a line snaking out the door of Sai

Kung café and bakery on the weekends, which is a good sign in a city that knows where to

sniff out the good food. Don’t forget to Portuguese egg tarts “Pastel De Nata” and

(buttered) pineapple buns to go, and prepare to be whisked away by the layers of flavor and



Mushroom Bakery

Mushroom Bakery

The round-up of Sai kung’s best baked goods joints is not complete without

mentioning the Mushroom Bakery, which is a local favorite thanks to its exquisite

baked goods. Expect to catch a whiff of the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked goods when

you walk through the door. Everything is made fresh daily with wholesome ingredients. This

family-run artisan bakery has a counter overflowing with baked goods like warm bread rolls,

hot cross buns, delicate pastries, plus savory options including quiches, smoked ham and

pizza. Lay hands on their crowd-pleasing blueberry muffins.

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